Document Attestation, Apostille & Translation services in India

We provide professional Attestation, Apostile, and Embassy Legalization Services for your personal, educational, and commercial documents. We have earned the reputation of being dependable and straightforward in our Attestation & Appostille Services through our dedicated commitment. Our dedicated approach has helped us become one of the leading companies in attestation and apostille services.

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Document Attestation, Apostille & Translation services in India

GET Attestation Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known leading organisation that believes in providing technology-based class services in an organised and clear manner. We are the outsourced agent company for various authorities of the Government of India and Foreign Diplomatic Missions for document/certificate attestation, apostille, and visa services (Embassies). We strive for excellence all the time, and our company's unexceptional success demonstrates the level of trust that the general public has placed in us.

We provide visa and translation services both online and offline. We specialise in Visa endorsement and electronic visa processing. We offer translation services in a wide range of languages, including Urdu, Arabic, English, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Malaysian, and Chinese. READ MORE

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GET Attestation Pvt Ltd is a full-service attestation partner. With our quick, genuine, and trustworthy services, we will assist you in the process of attesting your documents. It is our responsibility to validate your documents to ensure their authenticity. We offer a wide range of attestation services, including educational certificates, personal certificates, commercial certificates, and much more. We always keep your documents safe. We prioritise your requirements while remaining completely dependable. Come to us for a simple and reliable attestation.

Welcome to our attestation site, where we will guide you through the process of obtaining your document attestation without any other legal complications. In a nutshell, attestation is a method of validating a document to the required level and ensuring that your destination country recognises that your document is authentic and trustworthy.

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Why Choose GET Attestation?

With our experience and expertise, we make the attestation procedure simple, quick, and easy to meet your needs.

Attestation Services

Document attestation is required when applicants want to use them in another country.

Service for Document Collection and Delivery

Our team accepts documents by courier or in person and delivers attested records as requested by the client.

Professional Services

The MEA has granted our company the legal authority to assist applicants with document attestation/apostille.

Document Tracking Facility

Document attestation is required when applicants want to use them in another country.

Popular Countries

Attestation For Vietnam Embassy

GET Attestation Services has attained the position of the best service provider for legalisation for Vietnam. We provide efficient and satisfactory services for Vietnam Embassy Attestation. READ MORE

Denmark Embassy Attestation

GET Attestation Services has risen to the top of the market as the most reliable and efficient provider of certification attestation services. We guarantee that if you choose us for Denmark Attestation in Delhi, you will never be sorry. READ MORE

Hungary Embassy Attestation

GET Attestation Services is dedicated to maintaining customer satisfaction, trust, and integrity by providing high-quality attestation services for all types of documents and purposes. With years of attestation service experience, READ MORE

Iraq Embassy Attestation

GET Attestation Services is the most dependable and efficient legalisation service provider in Iraq. We do and serve the best when it comes to Iraq Embassy attestation, HRD attestation, MEA attestation, and Apostille. READ MORE

Nigeria Embassy Attestation

Attestation from the Nigerian Embassy. If you want to visit Nigeria for the purpose of studying, living, or working. GET Attestation is the place to go for Nigeria attestation and apostille certification. READ MORE

Document Attestation, Apostille & Translation services in India

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Frequent Asked Questions

Legalization is the process of authenticating or certifying a legal document so that the legal system of another country recognises it as valid. Attestation and legalisation both refer to the process of authenticating a document and are used interchangeably.

Yes, there is attestation validity. The purpose and requirements of the organisation or institution requesting the attested document determine the validity of the attestation. In general, attestation is considered valid for a limited time after which the document may need to be re-attested.

Apostille is a type of authentication that verifies the authenticity of a document for use in foreign countries. It involves a specific certification process where a government agency or designated authority attaches an apostille certificate to the document, confirming its validity. The process may vary depending on the country in question, but generally involves a series of steps and fees.

In India, Apostille services are provided by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) through its Regional Authentication Centers (RACs). There are currently 15 RACs located in different cities across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Panaji, Raipur, Thiruvananthapuram, and Shimla.

The RACs are responsible for verifying the authenticity of the documents and attaching the apostille certificate to the document. To get a document apostilled, you need to first get the document attested by the appropriate authority in India, such as a notary public, state Home Department, or the respective issuing authority. Once the document is attested, it can be submitted to the RAC for apostille.

The need for an apostille is determined by the country that issued the visa as well as the country you are visiting. An apostille may be required in some cases to validate the authenticity of visa-related documents, such as educational certificates, marriage certificates, and police clearance certificates.

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